Concerned Parents of Young Athletes | CPOYA | Dr. Tim Maggs
Concerned Parents of Young Athletes | CPOYA | Dr. Tim Maggs

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Structural Management®

Dr. Tim Maggs

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Find Relief While Proactively Addressing Your Child’s Unique Imbalances.

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Ear, Nose, and Throat Exams for Sports Readiness?

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Can my child pass the six tests (at the base of the pyramid) to safely begin their conditioning program?

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Concerned Parents ​want to know...

In July, 2012, Dr. Tim Maggs and former world class Kenyan runner Paul Mbugua started Team CPOYA  for the the sole purpose of raising the awareness of sports biomechanics in middle and high school athletics.

Team CPOYA is currently training for the 2016 Olympics.   Click here to see how you can support them in their efforts.

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The Structural Management® Program is the preferred program for:

  • Athletes who want to understand their current and unique biomechanics
  • Athletes with acute injuries
  • Athletes with long term, chronic injuries

Dr. Maggs' goal is to have all middle and high school athletes go through not only the standard medical exam at the start of each season, but also a biomechanical exam.



Dr. Tim Maggs is the current Director of Sports Biomechanics at Christian Brothers Academy in Albany, New York.


Concerned Parents of young Athletes