Concerned Parents of Young Athletes
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​​In this video, Dr. Maggs introduces his new and advanced comprehensive sports medicine program designed for middle and high school athletes.

This is for all parents, coaches, administrators, healthcare professionals and anyone who has an interest in the long term wellness of young athletes. Dr. Maggs will also introduce his Concerned Parents of Young Athletes™ Provider Network, and how to locate a participating provider near you.

If you have any interest in the long term well being of these young athletes, you will not want to miss this groundbreaking introduction to the future of sports medicine.

Concerned Parents of Young Athletes

Concerned Parents of Young Athletes™
Dr. Tim Maggs

In 2016 Dr. Maggs launched the CPOYA Network Providers program. This program provides educational tools and support for practitioners so that they can become a CPOYA doc in their own community.  Sign up today to get access to these essential tools for your practice:

In 2004, Dr. Maggs recognized the need for improved diagnosis and treatment of sports related injuries in the middle and high school age group.  It was at this time he developed the Concerned Parents of Young Athletes™ Program. Dr. Maggs' goal is to have all middle and high school athletes go through not only the standard medical exam at the start of each season, but also a biomechanical exam. This would look at the musculoskeletal system, in detail, and allow these young athletes to begin correcting imbalances, weaknesses and biomechanical faults long before they become injuries that create disability and premature degeneration.

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Tim Maggs, D.C.

Director of Sports Biomechanics at Christian Brothers Academy in Albany, New York.

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