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​​August 16, 2017

Dear parents and CBA athletes: 

We are extremely excited to be bringing our services to CBA each and every Wednesday throughout the school year. There are several guidelines I want to give you to make scheduling easy for all involved, and to give your son every opportunity to receive the highest level of care possible.

We will be at the school treating from 1 pm to 7 pm each and every Wednesday. There will be holidays and vacation days during the year, so for those who will be treated each and every week, instead of being charged for 10 months of care, we have reduced the charge to 8 months of care. This will allow your son to be treated every Wednesday the school is open.

Info for CBA Parents

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CBA Flyer
CBA Flyer
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This is the optimal frequency for young athletes, as all pro teams and colleges now provide chiropractic care for their athletes. Our program is a notch above these programs, as we’re beginning with a complete biomechanical exam, and this will allow us to target weaknesses and imbalances much better. Our continual goal is to prevent injuries, and help injured athletes get back quicker.

I have provided a chart outlining the costs of our services. We have done our very best to make each visit cost comparable to a co-pay. Despite rising costs in healthcare today, we hope to make our services very affordable for all families. And, the newly equipped sports medicine center will provide the most advanced technology avail-able to athletes today.

The first step in having your son treated is to have them get examined in our office, which again, is no charge to you. You must call and set up a time for examination and a report of findings. Once completed, your son will be able to receive treatment at CBA. For those already examined, you only need to call our office to set up the ap-pointment(s) and to let us know which program you would like.

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office at 518.393.6566, or email me at


Dr. Tim Maggs